Enjoy impressions from our activities.

These are just a few activities that we are sharing with you.


What a sweet coming together at the BELMONT IS WE – FAMILY REUNION // It was great to be a part of it and introduce tools, games and plenty activities for young and old! We are glad that we have been able to show awareness for pets and brought our little rescued ones to the Queenspark Savannah in Port of Spain! Thanks to the whole BELMONT IS WE Community – this is how we are giving back!


We spent some time at the Caura River – not to lime … to clean up! Incredible how many garbage bags we filled up. Nearly all picked up trash was produced by people that go there to cook and have a good time – sadly not everyone is taking the trash back home … #LostandFoundTT


See the beauty here  … #LostandFoundTT


Our associate Ishree suffered for a long time on the loss of his both parents. When he was a child he lost his mother – so his father represented both parents for him. After a long illness he passed away and Ishree couldn’t continue. He existed – but he didn’t live. We encouraged him to start back into life and supported him through a cleaning activity to get rid of bad memories. Also he lost his dog in his suffering time. The name of the dog was Susie. His mental recovery brought him back to society – nowadays he is working again in his job and the most amazing: He found a new Susie!

We are giving back to our associate to show pride and trust into a second chance.

What one guitar can do...

We didn’t expect so much happiness to create on our journey with the guitar. Also on our official launch on Trinidad Independence Day it played a quite essential role. We are glad to give back and say thank you to Nick – the official donor of the guitar and DJ Sonelle Starr for taking over the reparation costs of it. We are glad to give Kareem the chance to rediscover his own senses and giving him the opportunity to express in a brand new way.

BLAZE A TRAIL - School Project

We found a piece of history in the huge archive of our founder Mika. In 2017 she initiated the BLAZE A TRAIL SCHOOL PROJECT at Woodbrook Secondary School in Port of Spain. In workshops, the professional DJ and scientist for media and communication presented together with local professionals out of the music industry aspects of music production, mas making, music as an art form and how far Caribbean music on European grounds reached.

The specifically created concept included also a workshop, where a contributed carnival costume was redesigned and recreated by the students. With a lot of enthusiasm, they have been putting together a brand new piece including the fitting theme “The Ocean Bird”. The costume was created out some bikini pieces and by donations of mas camps in Woodbrook (Port of Spain), which are famous for their performances at Trinidad Carnival. This is the presentation of the students shortly after the final creation of their costume. Their expression is priceless.

This is the final presentation of the Mas Making Workshop at Woodbrook Secondary School in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

See how these young ladies are for the first time in touch with a steel pan. It is the ONLY instrument that was invented in the 20th century in Trinidad and Tobago.

A masterpiece kept on camera. The uncommonly unique and talented solo steel pan artist Keishaun Julien demonstrates his skills to the participating students.

Kwesi Marcano, year by year and in full force you are out there to capture the best moment. Hours you are spending sorting and editing pictures and we can see your passion. We highly appreciate your work and are glad that we found each other.  We are giving back for your amazing contribution.

We would like to share his reflections as a photographer and his words are a piece of encouragement. As a workshop leader at the BLAZE A TRAIL PROJECT he captured the best moments together with your students on camera.


What you can do