We believe that reading, writing and creating can help to get over things out of the past: Self-expression, the growth of interest for something new and inspiration.

In this section, we are giving you in this section some good reasons why and some ideas what you can do.


Making time to read is something we all feel that we should do. Here are some good answers for you!

Through reading you expose yourself to new information, new ways of solving problems or achieving tasks. Eventually, you might actually explore one thing that you really like and it may end up becoming a new focus for your life.

The more you read, the more you understand. Through reading, you create a structured path towards a better understanding of your surroundings and of historical, cultural and ecological information. You may end up becoming the interest for a new field that grows your ambition to learn more about it. You will find yourself exposedto many new words. As you read the importance of words by reading the context of those same words in a sentence.

Reading increases the understanding of the rules of life, in order for you to adapt, adopt and accommodate into the society better. To play well in a game, you are able to understand the rules as well.

Reading is an essential way to help you seek help and guidance. The internet is giving you the possibility to search for anything you like. Also getting reviews and feedback from others can make a big impact on your next decision.

It is like a mountain of gems for you to discover books, which contain people’s successes, failures and advice. Learn things about the past, what they did to understand what society is today. Reading is a great path to get to know (forgotten) heroes and learn from these great people.

In silence your brain is clear and focuses. Through reading your brain is stimulated to concentrate and connect information and memory. Reading helps to strech your memory muscles and requires you to remember details, facts and figures, plot lines, themes and characters. Reading about the diversity of life and revealing yourself to new ideas andmore information helps to widen the creative side of the brain and filters innovation into your thinking process.

Reading exposes you to a world of imagination showing you new lifestyles, personalities, places and even worlds. By reading, you are exploring a different angle to see a thing you might have known, in how different actions lead to different results.

We are recommending books to read all around Trinidad and Tobagos authors and diaspora.

Find more in our REDISCOVER T & T Section!

Did you ever think of reading for somebody? A child, somebody who can not see or an elderly out of your community? We encourage you to try it! You will enjoy this feeling!

Kwesi Marcano, year by year and in full force you are out there to capture the best moment. Hours you are spending sorting and editing pictures and we can see your passion. We highly appreciate your work and are glad that we found each other.  We are giving back for your amazing contribution.

We would like to share his reflections as a photographer and his words are a piece of encouragement. As a workshop leader at the BLAZE A TRAIL PROJECT he captured the best moments together with your students on camera.

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